With the rapid expansion of the internet and smartphones, it is now easier than ever to
integrate a workable solution that will work tor many people.

The big question remains; what are the benefits of e-commerce for small businesses?

Increased Revenue

The revenue of a business that incorporates an e-commerce platform can increase by up
to 250%!

Consumers prefer the ease, access and convenience, even on their favourite social site.

More Customers

Online payment system that accepts ditterent modes or payments options makes it easier for
small business owners to get customers of diverse backgrounds.

People simply love convenience, even more so in 2017.

People are now fairly used to shopping online and they literally spoilt on convenience.

Do Business 24/7/365

E-commerce platforms on a website has made it possible for any business to be accessable to it’s market round the clock without any increase in overheads.

Instant Process

E-commerce transactions clear in seconds and merchants can either receive funds immediately or have the funds in their bank account within datys. This certainly helps with cashflow as well.

Further Client Reach

There are no limits to where the internet can reach or are accessable. Hence with an e-commerce platform a person can pay for a service in London and have it shipped from Seattle in a matter of hours.

Ease Of Recurring Billing

Publishing houses and membership organisations now have a very effective system to manage subscriptions.

As long as the service or subscription remains active their credit or debit cards will get charged at certain intervals, increasing the predictability ot income and planning.

Credit Card purchases.

Just about everybody owns a credit card and this not only expands their shopping options but is also a major plus factor for any online business to be able to securely process credit cards instantly.

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