Generate Easy Money with this Potent PLR Strategy.

Generate Easy Money with this Potent PLR Strategy.

You will agree with me if I say:

Nothing on the Internet is easy

Or is there honestly an easy money generating method?


As it turns out there is a quick and easy way to make money online.

In this short post, I will share with you a highly effective way to make money easy.

Even a Newbie can use this strategy, and I will show you how.

For those with a bit of Internet Marketing experience, it will even be easier and quicker to implement.

The concept is simple and comprises:

  • Decide on the Niche to create a free eBook
  • Find the right Clickbank Products
  • Scoping and evaluating which product to promote for commission
  • Compiling the Free Give-Away eBook
  • The Resource Box
  • How To make your free eBook become Viral + Free Video on Viral Marketing
  • Neat trick to create Social Media Button Right in your PDF
  • Further, I will share some traffic Tactics

Many marketers refer to this as the Free Giveaway Method of generating money fast.

Remember this statement: No list building, opt-in box or subscription is recommended.

No selling, I say again, no selling, just share and give away a free pdf.

This about as close as you will get to auto-pilot income!

Now before we go into the detail any person can use this method to promote an Affiliate product, physical product or even their own product.

This tactic works like a charm in the Dieting And Weight Loss Niche and also niches like Golf

For this exercise and explanation, I am going to focus on the Dieting & Weight Loss Niche.

My goal is to make an easy commission from Clickbank as an affiliate.

Step 1. Find the right Clickbank product

Find popular and well converting Diet Digital products on the Clickbank platform.

We want to select at least 5-10 products and then scope them out.

Now the process should involve the usual screening steps: look at the product website for commission leaks, consider the gravity, potential commission, and any up-sells,

Finding a product with recurring income is even better.

Next, we want to go online, Google the product in search of reviews.

Often one may find negative comments that could relate to customer complaints, high refund rate or product support.

Once this process is done we can eliminate some products and move on to Phase 2.

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