Passive Income Making Money While You Sleep

Passive Income: Making Money While You Sleep.

Sound like Typical Internet B.S

And it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

But does is it actually possible?


Hundreds of savvy marketers realized that this is the sweetest way making online

Just What is Passive Income?

What is Passive Income?

Here is a very basic definition:

Passive income is income that you earn without being actively involved.

This implies that you continue to make income and enjoy the benefits of something you already did with no or very little effort henceforth, on your part, to maintain that income.

But it did not just happen by chance!

An Individual had to do something to get the process of income generation in motion.

The problem with most (not all) IM passive models is that: while the system may work great initially, it will fall off as time goes by.

Please understand one thing at the outset: THIS NOT MLM Multi-Level Marketing, nor is it even part of the discussion.

As this blog is about Internet Marketing we will confine ourselves to making money in our sleep, using known Internet Marketing techniques.

Passive Income Generation Strategies:

Some Internet Marketers have found more efficient and effective ways than others, to put together their passive income business.

Create your own Product.

This a very effective way to create a passive income stream

The product may be a course, tutorial, or How-To guide or even instructional videos.

It could also be a product you have created or can manufacture on your own and offer it on Amazon.

Listing a Digital product on Clickbank means that affiliates can be recruited and allowed to promote and sell the product for 50% or more, commission.

While profitable, it does take quite a bit of time effort and know-how to launch an Internet Product Successfully.

Launching a product will also require all the requisite Internet Marketing Tools:

  • eCommerce Website – up to $250
  • Domain Name and Hosting $150 annually
  • Maintaining the website. Up to $50 p.m
  • SEO: anywhere from $100 to $1000 and is always an ongoing process
  • Content creation and Outsourcing content writing: $15 per post (will require at least 20-30 articles)
    Write and publish an eBook

Quite similar in nature to creating your own product and you can also look at publishing on the Amazon Kindle Platform

This can be a lot of work initially, and cost of setting up a website is the same.
But once the eBook is created and marketed it can provide you with a passive revenue stream for years.

Use existing PLR

PLR products have been around for quite a while.

Using PLR products that many marketers give away as freebies, one can put together an eCommerce

Membership site and charge a nominal fee of say $10 a month.

The membership site will have to be loaded with at least 150-200 books on different topics.

There are many PLR Vendors online that offer membership from $20-$50 p.m.

Here you can download as many PLR products as you like that have re-sell rights attached.

The downside of this method is obviously that will it may be passive in nature, you will still have to maintain the site with fresh PLR content.

Then There Is a More Savvy Way to Build Passive Income

This is referred to as: The Smart Way Making Money and Generate Passive Income.

  • The smart and intelligent way to create passive income is the ability to virtually start making money in a short space of time.
  • The savvy way is not having to waste time setting up a website and worrying about content.
  • The smart way is to use a pre-created and automated system that sets up your business in less than 7 minutes and you are good to go
  • The savvy way of generating passive income is the ability to generate multiple streams of income automatically.
It is not so easy to sell stuff on the Internet…..
but, it’s child’s play to give away free eBooks.

  • Build good karma and people will love you for it while building your passive income.
  • The smart way is to use the power of Viral Marketing
  • That means just keep on doing what you love to do at your favourite Social Network Sites: network with friends and family and they with their friends and family.
  • Then allow the viral power to take hold and start spreading your income potential.
  • The automated system will post a free eBook on your stream as often as you prefer.

Is this not the smartest way of generating passive income while you sleep?

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